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Scope of service:

A. Gurkhas Ekta (HK) Limited

The Gurkhas Ekta (HK) Ltd is human resources service provider which was founded in 2003 by the ex – Army personnel in Hong Kong and Nepal. Within a short period of time the Company was well known for its efficient and reliable services for construction and civil engineering projects around in Hong Kong.

B. Gurkhas Ekta International Limited

In the process of business expansion, Gurkhas Ekta Internacional de Macau Limitada was established in 2004 and ever since it has been successfully providing quality Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Security Officers and as well as F & B and hospitality staffs.

C. Gurkhas Ekta Security Services Limited

Gurkhas Ekta Security Services Limited (GESS) was founded in 2006 by Ex Army personnel in Hong Kong. GESS have enjoyed an unrivalled success since our launch 8 years ago and intend to stay with our strategy to ensure that clients have instant direct access to our management team. The GESS is providing premium guarding services around in Hong Kong. GESS Ltd is able to assure its high quality services to customers’ specific requirements by providing on-site tailor made training by experience Operations Supervisors and management.


GESS has a strong and experienced management team to support the front line operations team. The management regularly visits customers to ensure the service quality and handle the special requests b customer. A set of Assignment instruction will be produce for each site. The instruction will cover all requirements of customer and full work details for Security staffs.


As our Company was formed on the basis that people are its foundation, it is a prerequisite that all employees feel ownership of the business and subscribe to its vision. Our vision is the basis of our service strategy, which in turn determines the principles for both meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations.

We offers solutions for

Property Security
Emergency / Crisis Management
Professional Close Protection
Event Security Management
Secured Chauffeuring
Security Consulting and Training

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We as a company are committed to providing a security services to a number of Major Clients,
These are the selected Clients currently include:

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